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Allergies To New Greyhound

Guest ms3569

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We adopted our greyhound in December. He was in his original home from July to December when owner had to relinquish him due to cancer. He is the best boy but unfortunately I'm really having problems with allergy symptoms. I'm taking Zyrtec daily and bought a large air purifier with hepa filter. He's not allowed in bedroom. My husband brushes him outside daily and every couple days he gets wiped down with pet wipes. We vacuum frequently and wash his bedding weekly. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from others that have worked. I will do anything to keep him. I don't want to return him since thats already happened to him once.

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Possibly when you destroy the natural oils in their coat they will start to shed even more skin flakes and hair than usual. Some of us don't 'bath' our Greyhounds more than a couple of times a year or unless they get very muddy. Add some wheatgerm oil to the diet, a capsule or about 1/2 tsp a day, try a special skin calming shampoo like Sebocalm.... use once and leave it for a week, shampoo again and leave it 3 months. Don't keep the relative humidity inside your home too low. Make sure your vacuum cleaner's filter actually does contain all the fine particles... one of our old ones used to redistribute quite a lot of it!

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Guest normaandburrell

The allergic symptoms are in response to the dander or dry skin flakes. We give our hound a fish oil capsule twice a day, use a moisturizing shampoo and bathe him only when we begin to see dander, which is usually about once a month. I use skin so soft on any visibly dry areas between baths, and I swiffer around his bed daily (much faster than vacuuming, takes just a few minutes). The swiffer and the vacuum are kept in the laundry room, which I am not in frequently. If you can restrict him to rooms which have hard floors rather than carpet, or remove carpet entirely, that will help. Oh, and when my allergies are real bad or his skin is more dry than usual, I try to wash my hands after petting him. There are also steroid nasal sprays that are now available over the counter. A pharmacist can steer you in the right direction. If you have medical insurance, you can ask your doctor to prescribe astelin, which is a nasal antihistamine, or go through allergy testing and desensitization injections. Your allergies may get better as you get used to him, and clear up any skin problems he might have. My allergies are pretty bad, but I enjoy my hound too much to give him up.

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for your dog:

allerpet wipe down daily

do not let him in your bedroom or on the furniture

wash dog bed, blankets weekly- shake out daily

fish oil- grizzly fish oil- 3 pumps daily- but it takes 6 weeks for any skin supplement to work

rather than a shampoo bath for your pup, try clear water to rinse to allergens, loose dander off- but greyhounds tend to really blow coat after bathing- beware

rubber curry comb and soft oval horse brush to remove dead hair and stimulate oil production(cheapest at a good tack shop)


for you:

either Nasalcrom,nasacort,or flosnase for you in conjunction w/ the zyrtec.

also try a neti pot before the spray.

Zadiator eye drops

close off bedroom, vacuum well,wash all bedding, drapes of possible then keep air purifier on 24/7

vacuum daily

damp mop floors

keep your hands away from your eyes/face


i have reacted to some greyhounds, i have 2 with shorter tighter coats. my first greyhound had a super short tight black coat, the brindles usually make me react. some of us get used to the dander, some of us don't. it's difficult during the winter w/ the windows closed then the pollen count goes crazy once the trees start to pollenate.....oy....

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I spent 4 hours at allergist yesterday. Have had issues last couple months. Tested positive in January for dogs and cats, but negative on yesterdays tests. I'm currently on Zantac with Zyrtec in am and another Zantac with Allegra in pm. I have steroids too due to a severe reaction Thursday. Allergist said wipe down animals at least 1x a week with allerpet wipes, use hepa filter and keep animals out of your main space for you if possible.


I HATE all the drugs! Weight gain is a common side effect and it sucks!!!!!! But I'm not willing to look like will smith in hitch or rehome my animals.


I feel your pain! Hope you find a tolerable solution for you:

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The Girls

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