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Allergies, Ibs, Or? Ideas Please!


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Hey Everyone - I'll admit that after everything we went through with Maya (rare intestinal cancer) I was hoping to have a couple of hounds with no intestinal issues. It appears this is not to be. If you wouldn't mind I will recap a synopsis of what's been going on and would love some opinions, experiences, and thoughts about what could be plaguing Ashe. It's a long read but I could really use some advice. Thanks everyone! - leigh





Pup: Ashe 4yr (almost) male


Problem 1: A recurring problem with seasonal allergies (undiagnosed - assumed allergies). He will just break out along his stomach and groin and have small patches of hair missing near his feet on up to and sometimes above his ankles. He ends up on prednisone at least once a year to knock back the rash/bumps and itching. The vet tries to avoid using prednisone if she can. When he breaks out I wipe down his skin with medicated pads and hope to get it under control so he won't need prednisone.


Problem 2: We thought he had food allergies too but now I'm not too sure maybe Irritable Bowel Syndrome?


Food: For a while we were feeding Nature's Domain grain-free salmon meal and sweet potato, and then the pattern started (it's possible this started with the food he was on prior to Nature's Domain I just can't recall right now)...........

1. He starts to have aversions to his food and won't eat unless we put some soft food (I and Love and You brand) on as a topper,

2. Usually in the middle of the night the LOUD gurgly tummy starts shortly followed by loose stool leading to diarrhea occasionally with a red mucus coating,

3. He fasts for a day,

4. He gets boiled chicken, brown rice (he goes out and eats grass so since rice is also a grass seems logical to include), sweet potato, and fortiflora for meals for a few days,

5. We transition back to his food.

6. Nice firm stools once again.


After this happened a couple of times our vet suggested trying Science Diet Id - Ashe promptly threw up the first bowl he had and wouldn't touch it again! So we then tried Blue Basics duck and potato since duck is considered a novel protein. Everything was fine but a little after a meal he would start to open and close is mouth as if he had an itch on the top of his mouth. I thought maybe he was allergic to something in the food so we switched to the Blue Basics Lamb and potato. This however resulted in unbearable stink bombs from our other pup so back onto duck we went. Now, the pattern has started with the Blue Basics Duck and potato. We are considering trying raw but beyond that really don't have ideas on how to move forward.


It should be noted that Ollie (18mo pup) has not had any problems with any of the foods (except lamb) so I'm fairly confident the foods have not been tainted.


Vet visits:

We have gone to the vet many, many times and have yet to find anything.


Fecal: Multiple fecal samples have come back negative for parasites, nothing abnormal was detected in a sample of the bloody mucus I took in.


Blood work: A full and complete blood panel has been run with EVERYTHING coming back normal. I don't recall what was all tested for right now but it was extensively comprehensive. I can find out if someone feels it would be helpful to know exactly.


Ultrasound: This is the vet's next recommended step at the tune of $350 for a specialist. I haven't done this yet as all it will tell me is if part of his digestive tract is inflammed and I can guarantee something will be, he has sporadic diarrhea! It also won't tell me if he has cancer, my understanding at least.


I am wondering a - what could be going on and b - could the allergies and tummy issues be related and linked to his immune system?


Thanks again for your help!


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Sounds like what we went through with Rocket. The allergies and the bowel issues were two different problems with him, not food allergies even though we went down that road for a long time.


Rocket has seasonal allergies with itching and when it gets really bad, he chews his paws. He has had his lifetime max dosage of Prednisolone the first 2 years that we dealt with the allergies. For his allergies now, we can give him Chlor-Trimeton (basic formula - no additives) and use HC Comfort Spray on his Paws. The vet prescribed both. Bathing with an oatmeal soap also helps with the itching. Things like vinegar and water etc did nothing to relieve his itching. His seems to be a pollen and ragweed allergy.


The stomach issues would pop up at random, and were (after several years) pronounced to be Stress Induced (often happened after boarding or some other event like the allergies where he didn't feel well.)


We know several IBS hounds who do very well on Precise Sensicare Lamb and Rice. Rocket lost too much weight on it, so we eventually went back to Precise Foundation and added Tylan after all other options were exhausted. When he turned 7, I put him on Precise Senior Formula because he was gaining too much weight. He has done well on it. So his current diet is the Precise Senior, a Tylan capsule with each meal, and Olewo Carrots with each meal. I also add green beans to his breakfast so that he fills up and isn't begging for food all day.


The Precise foods are highly digestible and I would suggest trying whichever one you think might work well based on his history. We found that stools were pretty consistent on them, although as Rocket got older we did add the Olewo Carrots and the stools bounce across the ground now.


Foods mentioned above:

Precise Pet Food


Precise Foundation


Other Precise Products:

Precise Holisitc line (can be pricey)

Precise Grain Free


Good luck. Hope Ashe is feeling better soon.


Edited to add: I forgot to mention that we also keep Evangers Canned Organic Chicken on hand for when we need to feed bland. It is only chicken, no additives except for a little Guar Gum as a stabilizer. It is less than half the price of the canned WD, and it works better for Rocket than boiled ground beef or boiled chicken. I usually mix it with scrambled eggs and mushy rice. When feeding bland, I go to 4 small feedings a day to reduce the stress on his stomach. May be worth a try instead of shelling out $$$ for the Rx food.

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What you describe as "seasonal allergy" sounds more like a contact allergy to me. Something that is actually touching him--my brother's old mixed breed was allergic to GRASS. "Seasonal" allergies are usually pollens--and usually manifest as intense itching.


You can have allergy testing done, although it's not as reliable in dogs as it is in people.


Can't help with the food issue--but if the itching/rash responds to antihistamines, then you're probably right, it's an allergy. If not, then ... a dermatologist is in order.


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Guest bmerenick1

We have been through just about every food imaginable. They last 4-6 months and its on to the next food.

If you add two 25 mg benadryl 2X a day and a 20mg famotidine it helps the foods last longer (my sis is a vet)


Our current success is Canadiae Grain Free Pure Land



Wellness Whitefish Sweet Potato

Avoderm rotation allergy diet (this one lasted a year!)

Great Life Dog Food Limited Ingredients Dog Food, 30-Pound, Duck

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