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Jake Is Being Picky...

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When we first got Jake, he was on kibble and ate very well. We had to water it down to keep him from choking. He gradually got to the point where we would free feed because he would ignore the food until he was very hungry. I guess he was bored. We switched to raw and again he loved his food- would jump up to get it. Now we're back to him mostly ignoring it. I'm worried about leaving raw food out, and we've already thrown away two lbs of beef ($$$). Is he just bored? Should I not give in and just let him eat when he gets hungry? I also don't want to waste more food. Frustrated...


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If he's otherwise healthy give him 15 minutes to eat, then it goes up until the next meal. Rainy's record for spoiled brattiness was either 6 or 8 days. (can't remember) Involved a pork chop that she decided wasn't to her liking.


No potty cookies allowed! She was waking me up in the middle of the night to go eat grass because her belly was upset and empty. After that stand off I've never had an issue with her. She even ate mushrooms off a pizza last night. Eww! LOL you might be in luck because I swear females are much more stubborn...

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I'd give him 15 mins with trying again to finish, then into the fridge it goes for dinner. Or offer it for lunch if it was a breakfast refusal. I will occassionally add some dehydrated beef lung that is finely "crushed" and looks like i'm putting sprinkles on the top, to encourage him to eat, but for the most part - they will eat when they are hungry. Wonder how long his strike will last!

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