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Growing Scab On Back Leg + Bleeding


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Hello folks,

A few weeks ago, we discovered a round scab on Jack (3 years old)'s rear leg. We left it at that, but after one week, as we were brushing, we accidentally picked at the scab and it fell and bled. No big deal, it can happen.

The scab reformed. Then the following week it had grown. We removed it as it seemed quite healed (wanting to peel off). A little corner bled at first but then all of it started bleeding. Eventually the scab reformed. But then it doesn't stop growing as if blood keeps "feeding it". If we even just push on it, then blood starts coming out from it.

When we remove it, it is flat on the skin as if the growth is only from the scab.

What is this? Should we be worried? We don't want to go to the vet just for them to tell us to "let it be" but at the same time we don't want to overlook something potentially worrysome!

On this picture it is quite big because it appeared to bled last night while asleep, there was a little bit of blood on his leg this morning. I did knot washed it as I didn't want to disturb it anymore. Apaarently Jack hasn't been licking either, since it still looks the same as this morning. He does not scratch or otherwise seem bothered by it.

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The only way to determine if this is a benign hemangioma vs a malignant dermal hemangiosarcoma is via a biopsy. The latter is seen more frequently on lighter skinned dogs. If you really want to be careful you should have it removed. You should minimally speak to your vet and see what they recommend.

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My dogs have had several of these over the years. Don't pick on it. It will fall off and come back several times.

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