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Plasma Cytoma

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Has any one here had a grey with plasmacytoma? Butte had a lump removed on his right ankle. The Dr. could not get the entire lump. We went to a veterinary oncologist that originally felt we should watch and wait. A month later she called and said that after research and talking with other vet oncologists that we should try him with the chemotherapy drug Melphalan. Has anyone had a similar experience? Butte is just 11 years old and is going strong at this point.

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My Twiggy was about 1 year post osteosarcoma when she developed what her oncologist told me was a plasmacytoma after doing a quick needle aspirate on it. He told me these often go away on their own and not to worry about it.


I of course, googled it and scared the bejesus out of myself because I omitted the word "canine".


Her oncologist was right, it faded away after the aspirate and has not returned (about 2.5 years later).


Not that this is always the outcome, but in her case it was. I hope the same for your guy.

Wendy with Twiggy, fosterless while Twiggy's fighting the good fight, and Donnie & Aiden the kitties

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Heard back from Dr. Couto about Butte.. It is really a small world sometimes. My oncology vet had Dr. Couto as a professor at Ohio and then worked there for 9 years. She had already conferred with him about the treatment for Butte. I feel very lucky to have had this happen. It is not usual for a greyhound to have a plasmacytoma. He feels that the protocol of using Alkeran has a ninety percent efficacy rate. We start it today. It is an oral chemotherapy drug given for five days and then a wait of 21 days until the next round.

I am very hopeful and hope Butte will tolerate the drug.


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