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Switching Vets

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I was pretty unhappy with the vet for several years but decided to stick with them because the kids have been seen there for 10 years. The lack of care Jake received at the end sealed the deal that it's time to find someone else.

Should I have Carolina's records transferred over to the new practice I choose?


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We have often requested to have the records given or sent to us directly and then give them to the new vet. This way we know what is being communicated. We also requested the records for our boy after he left us -- it was painful but needed to see the complete history in the records.

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Guest IrskasMom

I switched Eye Care Specialist in the Midst of Morty's Problems . Bedside Manners from your Pers. Doctor is very Important and so it is with the Care we receive for our Animals. At least to me it is. Let your new Vet request the Files .

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Most vets I've had will request the old files from the previous vet, but if you don't want them to know you're switching you should ask for them to be sent to you.


Depending on how you feel about them, you might consider letting them know why you're leaving the practice.

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I always get copies of EVERYTHING from any vet visit on all of my greys/dogs. That way, if I need to make a switch (which I have only done once), I have all of the records for the new vet.


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