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Bone Protruding From Chest?


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Hi, We got a 5yo female grey about 3 months ago and I noticed a large protrusion. I had a complete panic but contacted the centre we got her from and they told me she had been born with it and the vet had checked it several times. I'm not worried, doesn't seem to bother her and it looks like she's done quite a lot of racing with it.


Just out of interest I wondered if anyone had seen anything like this before. It's difficult to photograph well. In the pic the left side is her head side. When she stretches or arches her back you can see a raised strip all along her rib-cage - looks like a muscle - which ends in this sticking-out part - the protrusion itself is completely hard and during stretching it sticks out about an inch and a half, it feels like the end of a bone. As far as I can tell it's completely painless, lets me stroke it or tickle it. Forgot about it when I was giving her a bath and caught my finger on it and she didn't bat an eyelid.


I'd be very interested in any ideas!


(Hope you can see the pics, I can try to take some more if it would help)




Not sure if they're displaying - if not the following should work:




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Ahhh very interesting thank you very much. So she would have had this from birth?

Was totally freaked out first time I found this, thought it was an horrific injury.

It's just her anatomy--sometimes when they lose weight it will appear more prominent. Of course when in doubt have your vet check it out. Fwiw-my boys is prominent too -super noticeable when he's roaching ;-)
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I've got two now with the same thing. It does look a bit weird.

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52592535884_69debcd9b4.jpgsiggy by Chris Harper, on Flickr

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