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Transitioning Back To Kibble After Bland

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It's been seemingly a long time since I've posted, but of course it's a frustrating problem that drives me back.


For about two weeks, Enza has been on a bland diet. She was sedated and that seems to have thrown her off. After a round of flagyl and homemade bland food (potatoes, chicken, etc), she firmed up and I started transitioning her back to kibble (Nature's Domain Salmon and potato which she has been perfect on for years). But she went from sort of firm to almost liquid in two day. Called the vet and we went for another round of Flagyl, added back in the probiotic that I was remiss in giving with every meal, and tried the I/D canned.


That was Sunday and perfect poops for two days. So I added in a 1/4 cup of her kibble to start the transition again...and her poop this afternoon was once again trending soft and a bit of mucus. I admit it's been almost four years (lucky me!) since I've had to do this.


So...did I start the transition to early? Is this normal and she will adjust since it's been so long without kibble? Or is it time to switch foods after three years.


And that of course leads to the whole issue of "what kibble now"....

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In the past when we've had this issue with Rocket, I've kept the Flagyl going until the transition was complete and all was good. I also found that switching to 4 smaller meals a day from 2 meals helped a reat deal and didn;t overload the tummy when switching back to kibble. That mucous usually means that something is still flared up in the tummy.


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Switching to more small meals certainly helped with Peggy, though after her gastritis/bleed episode last summer I haven't been able to get her back onto anything more than about 2/3rds kibble. She still needs to have the Royal Canin gastro-intestinal can diet to top it up and if I cut it back to just a few spoons on top of the kibble she's back with the acid reflux in the morning despite giving Zantac the night before. I suspect its one of those allergic/immune response problems. Just take it steady and you too may find the perfect balance.

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from what i can recall, some of my dogs- depending upon the situation- have needed 2 rounds of flagyl back to back and then a couple of months later back on flagyl. it depends upon what your vet recommends. i have always introduced kibble 1/4c a day to tolerance. 1/4c for a couple of days and then upping it 1/4c at a time. my rice cooker generally works overtime during those periods. maybe the food is too rich or one of the ingredients is not agreeing w/ your dog.


if she is eating fresh cooked chicken why not go w/ a chicken based food- iams? the beet pulp will help keep her firm as well. it's possible that the nature's domain has changed it's recipe, it's possible that her gut is just too inflamed to tolerate it.

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