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Excess Gas Possibly From Proplan Formulation Change?

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I have been feeding my greyhound pro plan large breed for 3 years and have never had a problem with excess gas. He is 71/2 years old. He has suddenly been having horrendous gas for about 2 weeks, possibly coinciding with a new bag of proplan. No change in stool consistency but he poops a little more volume per day than before. does anybody who feeds their dog proplan notice any difference in their dogs tolerance lately? I am extremely reluctant to start changing food after this has worked out so well but I might have to. The thought of possibly ending up with an even worse problem by changing food is really making me hesitant; even though I know many of you use higher quality ingredient food with good results. I am just afraid that a richer food will create even more gas and possibly diahhrea which would end up happening on the rug! I ordered Olewo carrots to see if that helps. I don't know what the best thing to do is!

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I feed my greys Pro Plan Select (sensitive skin and stomach formula) and I haven't noticed anything like that with the new bag we just opened.

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Something similar happened to us with a bag of Iams from Sam's Club. Both dogs had horrendous gas and seemed less enthusiastic at mealtimes. I called Iams and asked if there were any recalls. There weren't, but the company still agreed to send me a voucher for another bag of food. With a company as big as Iams (or Purina), there's a ton of factors that can come up. It's possible your bag got damaged or punctured during the shipping process. I'd at least try a new bag and see if that solves anything before you go through the hassle of switching brands.

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