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Dry Coughing...what Could This Be?

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My 13 year old non-grey started to feel "off" about a day or two ago (not wanting to go for walks, lying in bed, some panting/trembling). Last night she started this horrible dry coughing/retching thing. It is like dry heaves and then at the end she throws up a clear, slimy liquid.


I took her to the vet this morning and everything seems to sound okay (lungs sound clear, heart good, etc.). She had a slightly elevated temperature (could be from stress at the vet?). The vet did recommend an x-ray of the lung area, but since I can't do that today (have to go into work this aft. and I have to drive to another clinic in another town for xrays) she gave me some antibiotics and a stomach/throat medicine (pepto-bismal type thing) for now. I am going to see how she does by the weekend and then take her in again if need be. She has an appetite and perks up for treats, but just isn't her usual self.


Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be? Anything else I should be doing? I'm so worried about my little girl. :(





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I am now wondering about that too. I just looked at several websites and watched videos of dogs with kennel cough. It is exactly what Karma is doing (dry heaving, and then a retch/gag thing at the end). It seems to be the only thing that matches her symptoms.


If it is indeed kennel cough, I have NO idea how she got it. She hasn't been boarded, we don't go to the dogpark, etc.so I don't do the vaccine. The only dogs she is exposed to normally (besides Teague) are off leash dogs who always run over and sniff us on walks (which happens quite frequently in this town). Could she have gotten it from that?


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They can easily catch KC from meeting other dogs ( infectious viral and/or bacterial trachaeo-bronchitis )

It is a serious problem for the individual dog if difficult secondary bacterial infections occur. You need to make sure your dog doesn't get pneumonia or pyema filling up the lobes. So even though antibiotics can't get rid of the viruses, they can help prevent opportunistic infection by bacteria. A mixed infection can last 3 or 4 weeks. It is a contagious condition and even children and immnuo-compromised adults can pick it up

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Edited to add--can you take her temp while she relaxed at home?

Err....I could try. The only thing I have is one of the old fashioned glass thermometers. Would that work?


She had a good afternoon, hardly any coughing and resting peacefully. I will for sure follow up with the x-rays on the weekend if she is still feeling sick. Never ever thought about that vaccine since we really don't go around other unfamiliar dogs very often. I sure hope Teague doesn't get it now. Again...this is assuming it is kennel cough, I just don't know what else it could be at this point.

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