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Re: Gagging-Much Worse Diagnosis

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Send good thoughts for my 5 yr old Charlie. I posted last week? about his gagging which stopped. He hasn't been acting right, i took him to Tufts emergency around 6pm. He is diagnosed with pericardial effusion. He is there now and i will be getting a phone call around 10 or 11 am to see if the fluid which they removed most of has come back. If not i can take him home today and have an appt Fri with the cardiologist. At this point it is not known if it is ideopathic or a tumor. THis SUX He is so very special! I loved and love all my dogs but Charlie is special.

Last weeks appt at 'former" regular vet had his heart healthy and everything else. The vet @ Tufts who fell in love with Charlie right away said this has been going on awhile and the heart sound was muffled which made her check out his heart. Hope i am making sense as i haven't slept but maybe an hour or two.

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Good thoughts for Charlie and you. I hope they were able to get him stabilized and that he can home soon.

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Tufts Doctors have been warm and knowledgeable. I have to decide later whether i should bring him home later as at the moment he is stable. Or have him stay overnight as it is tomorrow he sees the cardiologist. I want him home but he hates the car

and i would hate to stress him further. I can't decide at the moment what to do, will decide later. They have visiting hours later. I'm being too emotional right now and just want what is best for Charlie cuddles

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good to know Greyaholic. Although this seems as if meds aren't the answer-either the heart builds fluid again and if it does it means surgery to remove the periocardiac sac, hopefully no tumors which is the worst case scenario. Trying to remain positive-not easy

I suppose it is the suddeness of this also

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If he's happy there and not stressing I would leave him there overnight. Personally, I would sleep better knowing that if he became unstable overnight he would be in capable hands--esp because it's going to snow tonight. You do not want to be driving in the snow with a potentially critical dog. Maybe run out and buy him a roasted chicken so you may sit with him and see if he'll eat for you tonight.

Edited to add--they have a capability to remove the pericardial sac now via laparoscopic means.

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I'm just catching up on this. I'm sorry you two are going through this. But he's getting help and eating well so he's getting better! Certainly recovery at home is like no other where they are most comfortable, but certainly if he hates the car, that will be an interesting decision.


Please eat, you need to keep your energy up for him too you know! Please keep us updated.

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This is the most amazing community! Greyhounds are special and so are the people that are owned by them :-) I will write more tomorrow but have to say my husband and I visited him tonight. He looked good and the people at Tufts are amazing. When it was time for us to leave the vet tech, Jenny, came in to put him back in his stall. Charlie reached his leg out to her and put his paw on her, he does that with affection. He is hooked up to EKG etc and had to stay there tonight. I had planned on it even though i want him home, i knew it was best. He sees the cardiologist tomorrow so we will know more. For now, the fluid they took out surrounding his heart has not replaced! We should know tomorrow if it is caused by tumors or ideopathic. Thank you all so much, i love you people. I will let you know tomorrow but i do think i will be taking him home! Hugs my Charlie

PS Greyaholic- they preferred i didn't feed him tonight so i didn't. We are having a talk on food tomorrow which should prove interesting. I feed raw but won't get into it much right now. Low salt is key and he has no salt in raw. I will listen. Gnite-i need some sleep.

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Will be checking back for an update on your boy. Hang in there. :hope

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