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We were on vacation and our kennel discovered that DeeDee's urine was very "smelly", big odor and immediately took her to our vets;

Her Bilirubin levels were very high indicating a UTI which they treated and the white cell count was high also. Next day, they took in

another sample and our vet had the platelets counted in order to rule out something more serious.


She was on Amoxicillin and now is fine. We take her tomorrow so that we can talk with our vet to see if there is a "good" dog food

that she should be on and anything else we should be aware of. Any suggestions and trying to find more information of Bilirubin but everything seems to be for us humans, is there any where to look for normal ranges for our greys.


Thanks all for any information.

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what dog food do you have DeeDee on now? I'm not aware of any of the reasonably good dog foods causing this issue, unless DeeDee is prone to these types of infections for some other reason. She could have just been missing you, and not been drinking enough water, which could have helped her become susceptible to an infection. But there are others here with more experience than I have ... perhaps they have some additional insight.


I'm sorry you're having to deal with this while on vacation - i'm glad that your kennel noticed and took care of the issue immediately, though! That's a great recommendation, and I hope it means that DeeDee's recovery will be fast and easy.

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Guest Lillypad

Within the first six months of owning our girl, she had a UTI. Doc said she would most likely get more. I was paying $90.00 for dog kibble, thought to myself, I could feed a raw diet for that price or close to it. I switched after the UTI incident to a raw diet and never looked back. It has been almost two years without an UTI. Was it the switch to raw... who really knows for sure. But whenever asked what to feed a dog, I can't help but suggest a raw diet.

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