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Cortisone Shot?

Guest jenmm

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Laurie's 13 1/2 and in the last month, arthritis has suddenly hit her hard. She's been limping and one shoulder is in pain. She's been x-rayed and there's not a tumor, it's arthritis. I've been giving her Rimadyl,Tramadol,and Glucosamine.


Anyone have experience with a cortisone shot for arthritis?

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When I last did the research for myself, in humans cortisone shots the most recent research (3 years old) was trending towards cortisone shots providing temporary belief, but doing long term damage; personally I said no and went with physical therapy. Have you thought about adding fish oil and other intervensions such as careful use of hot packs and gentle walks to increase the fluid in the joints?--I'm sure others will have other suggestions.

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Cortisone shots for arthritis in dogs are systemic. I agree with tbhounds that it's contraindicated while she's been on Rimadyl. Adding gabapentin can help a lot. I would only use steroids for arthritis as a last resort, and ideally the dog should be off the NSAID for at least 4-5 days before trying it.

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In a dog that age with what is no doubt advanced arthritis, neutraceuticals will not help. I would not overload an elderly dog's sytem with stuff that isn't doing anything.


Glucosamine MAY have some value in early stages, but once you've lost cartilidge, there is no point to using something like that.


I know from experience (myself).


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