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Not a problem, just interested.... We got our grey about 6 months ago while my partner wasn't working. We felt terrible about leaving Charlie even for short periods (he never seemed too bothered!). We got our second beauty 3 months later and assumed they'd love the company.


In the last 3 months there has been nearly no interaction at all. No one is possessive about food, toys or furniture which is great, but no playing either. It almost seems like Charlie is so attached to us he's less interested in other dogs. Just wondered what other people's experience of first and second for interactions has been?

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Guest normaandburrell

When we had a foster our boy was barely interested in her. I think some dogs like the company of other dogs, and some like having all the attention to themselves.

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Guest PiagetsMom

Charlie may be like Mirage - he gets along fine with other greyhounds, but doesn't need them. He's a "person" dog.....he has a person that he is attached to, and he's good with that. At our house, it's me, but even at his pet sitters where he stays with other greys, he hangs out with Robbie, our sitter, and pretty much ignores the other greys.


Mirage has had two "sisters", both greyhounds during his 6 years with me. While they co-existed well as it sounds as though yours do, they never played together and their interaction was limited. Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to have a pair of greys, but regardless of their time together, it never did change.

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Nixon could care less about Ruby or Nigel... if they invade his space/bed he often gives a very low growl, which they respect.

I am his BFF... he is never more than 5' from me.

He has never played with toys.


However, Ruby and Nigel get along well, and usually share the 'dog futon' and occasionally toss stuffies around together.


When they're all out in the yard, all three do lots of zoomies together, but that is the extent of 'playing'.


Nancy...Mom to Sid (Peteles Tiger), Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos) and Joshi.  Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie),  Ruby (Watch Me Dash) Nigel (Nigel), and especially little Mario, waiting at the Bridge.




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Very normal behavior. We've nearly always had multiples in our house and sometimes they bond together and sometimes they just co-exist. Fortunately, most greyhounds seem to live together fine one way or another.

Chris - Mom to: Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)

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My Sobe and Diana didn't really interact. They were fine together, but didn't do stuff together, or cuddle or anything. Sobe was better just having another grey in the house, and Diana couldn't care less if there is another dog around. When we were fostering my dogs really seemed to like some, ignored some, but always got along fine. Most greys in my house seem to like having another grey around but don't actually get too devoted to each other.

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