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Interdigital Cysts

Guest mrs

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Smitty is 11 years old and has 2 interdigital cysts (one between his toes and the other on the bottom of his paw. I've tried various antibiotics and just spent mega bucks on surgery for the vet to explore it (no foreign body found), flush it, take cultures, and do a biopsy (still awaiting biopsy results but not expecting anything there). The two different areas of cyst were connected. The cultures came back telling us to use clavamox, which he's been on now for 3-4 days. Right after the surgery both areas looked great. The one on the bottom of his foot still looks really good and healed over. The one between his toes is showing itself again. It gets fleshy looking and fills up with blood. I'll talk to my vet next week, but was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with these and what they have done that's worked. This is frustrating beyond belief and I really can't spend another thousand dollars for something else useless to be tried.

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Do a search here for Manuka honey and see if that is something that you would try, if you haven't yet tried it. The stuff is *amazing*. Good luck!!

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