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Dremel Tips Anyone?

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After several previous claw cutting difficulty posts I have received my dremel in the post all the way across the Atlantic as I couldn't find the pet specific one in the UK and thought the noisy regular ones might scare Charlie. Foolishly I didn't order an adaptor so now I await this.


I'm just wondering if people introduced Dremelling gradually and how they went about this? Best positions treats?


On another note I've been trying to hand file Charlie's claws but as soon as he sees the file now he starts to cry then puts his mouth around my hand - very cute. Daisy, Our other hound, loves her manicure and falls asleep instantly.

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I also learned from the Doberdawn instructions. I use a variable-speed cordless one from the hardware store. I haven't heard many positive remarks about the pet-specific versions like PediPaws (too weak is the usual comment).

As for the position, I've always taught my dogs to jump up on the couch at the command "nail time", lie on their left side and stick out all 4 legs. Makes it easy to do their pedicure, even when it involves nailpolish, LOL.


Lisa B.

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I don't know about others, but I don't use a pet-specific dremel, though just as many reviews on Amazon, from where I purchased it, say they use it on their dogs' nails. Annie tolerates it well for a very short time. I don't dare spend much time on the entire process because she pulls her feet away. Therefore, I do it often, every two to three days.. A little bit every three days is as good as a lot once a week and she doesn't mind.


Don't forget to give a special treat, one that he loves and perhaps is only given when you dremel his nails. You could start that as soon as you introduce the instrument to him so that even seeing the dremel makes him think "Yummy." I have different treats for each thing I have to do to Annie so she knows something special comes with what she prefers I didn't do. For dremling she gets a big marshmallow, which is different than what she gets for teeth brushing and what I give when eye drops are administered twice a day. Nothing is high in calories so she's not going to get fat on them, but they are special to her.

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Guest Johberry

I too found the Doberdawn instructions very helpful. I don't use a pet-specific tool either and instead have a cordless/rechargeable Hitachi Mini Grinder that I love. First thing I did was get our hound used to the noise and treated him a lot. I do his nails once a week or whenever I notice distinct clicking when I take him on walks. (I swear his nails grow faster than mine do!) I don't use a specific command and just catch him when he's lying on the ground already. We got lucky in that he doesn't mind and even falls asleep when I'm grinding away! It's to the point that I give him a treat afterward and don't need to during the ordeal. It did take him a good amount of times to get used to the sound of the grinder but now doesn't even care when I turn it on. Patience, time, and treats are key. If a newbie to trimming dog nails such as myself can do it, anyone can. Good luck. :)

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Be willing to be flexible to accommodate what your dog is comfortable with. There is no way Lila would let me do her nails if she was standing up, but she relaxes when she’s laying down. She sees me coming with the dremel and bag of mini marshmallow and she gets out of bed and lays flat out on the floor. When we started she got a marshmallow after each toe, now it’s after each foot.

Watch out for your own nails, hair, blankets, rugs, etc getting caught up in the dremel. ;)

Lila Football
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First session really productive - Daisy wasn't sure about the noise but was fine with it on her nails. Charlie was fine as long as the peanut butter and chocolate drops kept coming. Wasn't so sure about the back feet so we quit while the going was good. It's nice to see the claws getting shorter it can feel quite stressful struggling to get them under control.


Thanks very much for all the advice!

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