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My Boy Taylor

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Taylor (male, 87 pounds, just turned 6 and came to me just 3 years ago) started limping around 2 weeks ago.

Normal walk was OK. Faster walk showed a bit of a limp.

When he got up this past Wednesday after his afternoon nap, asking for dinner at 4:00, he was holding up his front right leg.

He walked around a minute or so like that.

Has still been favoring his front right leg, but he still has wanted to walk, jumps in and out of the Tuscon a half a dozen times a day, and even runs across the yard.

Took him to the vet this morning.

He whined a little when the vet turned his right wrist down.

Vet felt a little swelling.

X-ray this morning: shows a mottled area just above his right wrist.

He feels it is osteosarcoma.

The x-rays were sent out electronically to VitalRads in TX, and if it was a weekday, my vet would have had the results back in 2-3 hours, but now it will wait till Monday.

My vet said the cancer cells are probably already in the lungs, which is where he said it goes, but may not be doing anything yet.

My vet felt that amputation was not a good idea.

He felt that would just speed up the process.

He said maybe I should consider chemo and radiation to give Taylor some more time, and as far as time, he said in any event it would only be a year.

Maybe less.

I was emailed the x-rays.

I would like to send them to Dr. Couto right now.

****Can anyone tell me what the turnaround time is for getting information back from Dr. Couto?****

There is also an animal oncologist here in Melbourne, FL, who might be able to suggest possible forms of treatment.

Unfortunately, I was told there is no one around here who does chemo/radiation.

South Florida can do it, but that's almost 3 hours away. They do it in Tampa, around an hour and a half to the west, maybe Orlando.

These are all things I have to figure out.

I feel shattered. Taylor is my life.

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:bighug There are many on here that can give you advice, unfortunately I didn't find out Charley had osteo until she broke her leg, so there were no decisions to be made about treatment.


I am surprised your vet said Taylor would not be a good candidate for amputation given his young age. I also would recommend a lung x-ray, your treatment options will be affected by whether or not the cancer is in his lungs.


I am so very sorry :cry1

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I'm so sorry to hear about Taylor. I'm new to the Greyhound breed but as an oncology nurse I would seek a second opinion. I would go to a large veterinary referral center. A large center might have a different treatment option or clinical trial. We have patients that travel all over the country for second opinions. I don't think you'll regret seeking another opinion, you'll know you gave him the best chance.

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I have just sent the x-rays off to Dr. Couto.

There is a local animal oncologist who I will call Monday morning.


Any suggestions on what to do or give for his limping.

He wasn't holding his paw up before the vet visit, but I am sure he was twisted around for the exam and x-ray.

He is holding it since we got home, but he did go out and pee and is sleeping quietly.


I was given a 1 week supply of an anti-inflammatory. Previvox 227MG to be taken once a day with food.

I don't know how he will tolerate it. 2 years ago, he had Rimadyl and threw up late that night.

Instead of giving it to him with dinner today at 4:00, and risk him getting sick in the middle of the night, I think I will give him the Previcox with breakfast at 7:00 AM on Sunday.

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Guest IrskasMom

We are so shattered with you . The Unthinkable just happen to Taylor and you. I really have no Advice but Mega Hugs to you and Taylor. A second Opinion is adviced.



Just recently I send Dr Couto an EMail , that was in the Evening and by Morning I had an EMail back from Him. He is awesome .I Thanked him profoundly for always being there for us Grey Owners .

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I'm really sorry. I've been through this three times. It's a nasty disease without a cure, especially if it's reached his lungs.

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I am so very sorry...


I'm with the others. I'd get a second opinion with a veterinary oncologist ASAP. With everything I know about OSA, and please, don't think I'm trying to discredit your vet here... but I can't understand how she could say with certainty that the cancer has metastasized to the lungs, and amputation is not an option. There is absolutely no way to diagnose that without taking a FNA of the tumor and chest rads of the lungs. OSA has a range of severity, according to the size of the tumor and the mitotic rate. For such a young and otherwise healthy dog, he could be an excellent candidate for amp. I'd also want to rule out other possibilities, like Valley Fever, fungal infection, or soft tissue sarcoma.


Also, why in the world did they send you home with adequate pain meds? If she went as far as to say it's severe and inoperable OSA, why be conservative? He should be taking something for acute pain and nerve pain in addition to the NSAID. Osteo is an excuciating type of cancer- I'd want to keep him as comfortable as possible until you figure out what to do.


A specialist is going to give you many more resources and options. Dr. Couto will have information for you too. Best of luck.

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The vet this morning said he figured the cells were in the lungs, but probably not doing anything yet.

I will be seeing a second, possibly third opinion.

Have to find out if it's spread, and then understand the options..


Taylor was running around the back yard this morning, and walked twice.

He's been eating and sleeping and peeing and pooping OK.


I think the discomfort he has right now is due to the exam and x-rays, and he is sleeping comfortably now.

I already had a friend's vet look at the x-rays.


That vet felt it looks very small, was caught EARLY, and he does NOT discount amputation, especially since this is a healthy, fairly young dog.

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So sorry to read this bad news about Taylor. Aggressive pain management is an essential part of dealing with osteo. There are many posts about pain management, drug combinations, etc. in the osteo thread. I can tell you that it took three different drugs to keep Bee Wiseman's osteo pain under control. Even that combination failed to ease her pain after eight weeks.


Sadly, a recurring theme in that osteo thread is the under-prescribing of pain medication. I'm not sure why some vets are afraid to aggressively prescribe meds to dogs with this terminal and extremely painful cancer. It's a nightmare disease. I'm sorry that you and Taylor are facing it. :(

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We have someone on this board with a girl who celebrated her 3rd yr amp anniversary. Average post amp survival is either a year or 18 mos. My 12yr old made it 6mos. But those were good pain free mos.

Unless your boy has a physical problem where he cannot manage as a tripod I would not automatically drop that option.

Dr Couto will be able talk to you about that too. I took my girl to OSU when Dr Couto was there and he saw my girl. He told me that she would do well as a tripod.

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I feet sick reading this. :( I'm so svery, very sorry you've gotten this devastating news about Taylor. Please do as others have advised and seek another opinion. It may not change the diagnosis, but you will have a better picture of what is going on. It sounds like your vet diagnosed the extent of the spread on supposition and not actual diagnostics.

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:( Oh no! I'm devastated for you. I hope Dr. Couto can give you some hope.

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Felt my heart in my throat when I saw the thread title. Hoped so much I would open it and it would not be osteo :(. I don't have any personal experience or advice to give, I just want you to know that you and Taylor are in my thoughts. It's just not fair.

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Sigh. I am so sorry you have to look at this road. Hang in there. Dr Couto was traveling abroad when I had to consult him for Seamie, and he still responded in less than 8 hours. He is the best and absolutely should be on board for Taylor. I'm just sick about this. :grouphug

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I can offer no more advice that has been printed here already. I am so very sorry for the sad diagnosis.

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Guest MnMDogs

I'm so incredibly sorry to read this :(. As others have already said, it's really important to get adequate pain meds, I think you just said he's on Prevacox, but he should also be on tramadol, or so,etching similar, and possibly gabapentin. It's been so long since we lost Matty to OS, I can't rememebr exactly what she was on, but you do need to stay ahead of the pain.


Dr. Couto is wonderful. He was also traveling internationally when I consulted with him on 2 occasions, and he is very very responsive. Im glad you're pursuing other opinions. And again, I'm so sorry you received this news.

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No advice, just best wishes for Taylor and you. :grouphug

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