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Update On River

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After a urinalysis and lengthy discussion on when, where, how much, and odor (none) of River's accidents, drinking habits, etc... she's pretty certain that it may be incontinence. Starting out with Incurin. To be on the safe side, we're also doing a round of antibiotics. Starting Incurin the first 2 weeks at 2x per day, then if there is no accidents, dropping to 1 pill per day. Follow up is in 3 weeks. Another urinalysis and discuss how the Incurin is doing.

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Good luck. Beth developed incontinence and been perfect on Incurin. She needs one a day. The normal starting dose is typically the two pills at once though- they need not be split up.

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Small update.


It's been a few days since we started her on her meds and so far no accidents! :yay (I really hope I didn't jinx myself just now :ph34r )


In fact, she woke us up this morning, ate breakfast and went out to pee. Very. Full. Bladder. DH said that she peed so long it looked like she was trying to write her name :lol: I asked if it was cursive or gallifreyan ;)


She had some itchiness from the AB the first few days, but that has calmed down now.

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