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Eating/chewing After Molars Removed

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Wednesday marked the end of the 2 weeks post dental where we were supposed to avoid giving anything hard. Violet's been eating ground raw, or in cases like beef heart or organ I've been cutting it into small pieces so she just swallows it. So in theory I could have started her back on whole pieces last night, but I'm a little nervous about it. She's been having trouble with hard treats since I reintroduced them in the last couple of days and I'm not sure whether she's just still afraid her mouth will be sore (or it is) and she's trying to avoid chewing back there, or if she actually can't anymore because of the teeth she lost. :(


She lost 7 of her molars, all 4 in the back on the top and 3 of the 4 on the bottom in the back. For the vet people:




We have her recheck with the dentist on Tuesday so obviously I can ask him this then, and I am going to try chicken quarters on Sunday because I'm out of ground, but I just wanted to get your input. Do you think she's still sore, just afraid because she was, or are we potentially looking at her having issues chewing? :(


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When Carmen and Dottie lost teeth they both lost all of their molars. Neither had any issues with chewing. Dottie lost 20 teeth. She still chewed as if nothing had happened. I think if Violet hurts you will see it right away.

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Paul only had two teeth left when he passed. For two years, with those two teeth, he ate everything. I didn't give him chew bones, but he could crush a cookie with the best of them. She may still be a little sore or hesitant, but, once she finds something she really wants to eat, she will be fine. Good luck.

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Sallie lost all her upper molars a couple of years ago (and one canine) so I feed her mostly ground raw. When I do give her something that has to be chewed, like a hard cookie or s turkey neck, I cut/break it into fairly small pieces and she seems to handle it just fine. It takes her longer, and she drools a lot, but it doesn't seem to bother her. It may just be a little too soon for Violet.

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