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Pudding Poo....again?


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I just don't get it. Nico has been eating the same food for months!! The kibble is Nutro Ultra and we mix in a bit of W/D canned to make a nice mush. Plop on canned pumpkin as a dollop on top. That seemed to be the ticket. After our Frappy passed 2 months ago, he had diarrhea from all the upheaval. But it went back to normal pretty quickly. Now, within the last week, he is starting to get pudding poo again! What gives??


Do you think I should take him to the vet? I've added back in a probiotic. I was thinking he needs Tylan again--he responds really well to that. I saw a previous thread about it. Is that principally an antibiotic? Do you need a vet's prescription to get it? Are there undesirable side effects of long term chronic use?


Thanks for your help.

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Try Olewo carrots. My new hound had really soft poops and sometimes is was like liquid. About 7 days on the Olewo Carrots and his poops are great.

If you ever have where the start of a poop is good and firm but the end comes out soft it is because the poop wasn't in his system long enough to firm up.

The carrots are a natural way to get better, firmer poops and helps calm the digestive track. Really great stuff.

I would try the carrots before putting him on a long term drug. All drugs have side effects.

Good luck.

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The tylan is an antibiotic. It was original used for chickens. You can buy it on Amazon for $40. It will last a long time. My vet told me no long term effects. At one point, Lexie was on it for 3 years. No side effects and she has a very sensitive tummy. It was the only thing that helped her with mushy poo.

Just my opinion, since the tylan helped him before, it would be worth to try again.

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I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Why not feed just the w/d until you see solid stools for about 3 days then, slowly wean back to your reg food. I that doesn't work (or the Olewo carrots) then, it's time to see your vet. Additional medications or diagnostics may be needed. Diarrhea can be a symptoms of so many conditions it really shouldn't be self diagnosed.

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