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Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural - Finally, Good Poop!


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I posted here some time ago about TOTW Pacific Stream and my pups having issues. Turns out that they changed the source of the probiotics they were adding to the food...and the new one obviously didn't agree with my pups' tummies.


We went to American Natural Premium's Buffalo formula after trying their Ocean Whitefish formula with no improvement in upset tummies or poops. They seemed to do okay for a while on the Buffalo, but, Clarice's volume of output was pretty high.


I decided to try Earthborn Holistic's Primitive Natural formula and EUREKA!! We have good poop, ZERO gas, no tummy troubles, and a normal (actually very small) amount of poop.


Just wanted to share that we're having a great experience with this food, since so many posts here understandably have to do with issues :)

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I have been using Earthborn Holistic since the TOTW/Diamond salmonella recall and have never looked back. I feed Princess either the Great Plains Feast (bison) or the Meadow Feast (lamb) as she gets itchy skin and junky ears when she eats chicken. I've been very pleased and she has no complaints. :) Nice, firm, small volume stools are also a great plus.


When TOTW was pulled from shelves I went on an internet search and discovered Earthborn Holistic. I liked the ingredient list and the fact that their manufacturer had never had a recall. I had my local feed supply store order some of the bison for me to try. Since a lot of their customers were searching for Diamond alternatives, they ordered some of all the Holistic varieties a few other bags of the different varieties and now it is one of their best sellers. The store owners now feed it to their dogs exclusively. I also like their UPC for Trees program. :)

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Annie is good with what she's on now, but one never knows what's going to happen next week. I'm keeping a note about this but hope I don't have to buy it because it's a lot more expensive than the combo she's on now. However, we all know we do what we have to do to make good poos!

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