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Gingival Hyperplasia...experiences?

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Misty , my ten year old broodie, has been on blood pressure meds for over a year. The amlodipine has caused her gums to grow over her teeth. Some are very close to covering the chewing surface. Her surgeon says that she could cut back the gums, but they would grow back. We are trying to get them to recede with a compounded antibiotic toothpaste. She has started azithromycin beef flavored toothpaste. The vet wants to try this before cutting the gums. Anyone with experience with this? This is an experienced surgeon at a specialty hospital.

I have seen horrible photos online of both people and dogs with gingival hyperplasia. Misty's is not that bad yet. She can still chew without chewing on her gum. My vet is willing to cut them back during a dental, but he, too, says that they may grow back.

Has anyone gone through this?

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Aquitaine had that issue last year with Amlodipine (the year before?). It happened virtually overnight and her teeth disappeared. We switched her to hydrazaline and all was well.


It was horrible looking. I would suggest switching the med before any cutting. They receded pretty quickly once we made the switch.


Apparently, this is a known, although rare, side effect of the Amlodipine when used for dogs.


Good luck.

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It is also a side effect in people. Misty is also on benazapril. Her blood pressure started at 260. We spent nine months trying to get it under control. The vet increased the amlodipne at two week intervals, then added the benazapril. That too, was increased at two week intervals. We have it down to 130 now, and the vet is reluctant to play with the meds at this point. She hopes the gums will recede on the antibiotic. I'm hoping to hear what others have done. I didn't realize that the gums would recede with a med change. Thanks for that info.

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