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Weird Growth Or Scar Tissue?


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This is on our girl's elbow. We are taking her to the vet for a checkup once we finish the adoption paperwork, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows what this might be? It doesn't seem to bother her, just curious. It's very fleshy and raised.




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Doc has something similar, on both elbows, though rather smaller. I should think most greyhounds do - it's a callous, developed to protect the skin and bone, especially when they lie down on a rough surface. Yes do get the vet to take a look but there is probably not a problem, unless it seems inflamed/ uncomfortable/filled with liquid. It may well shrink of its own accord now she is in a home and lying on soft beds/ carpets, you could probably encourage the process by massaging in something like Sudocrem (UK brand of medicated barrier cream) but it is helpful to have a bit of something there to protect the elbow!

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