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Turkey Neck Toots

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I have been giving Ruby a frozen turkey neck once or twice a week for years now. The last month or so I have noticed that the nights after giving her one, her toots are so bad our eyes are watering and the paint peels off the walls. Does any one else have this issue when feeding the necks ? She loves them too much to take them away and they help her teeth, but is there something I could do to her kibble that night to avoid being run out of my own home ? It is getting repulsive and the house reeks.


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Guest Johberry

I'd like to give turkey necks to our boy once a week as well and am hoping he won't have the same gas issues! I wonder if Ruby has a turkey sensitivity? Our boy didn't have a good reaction to chicken-based kibble so I'm very hesitant to give him any raw chicken. I'm also curious if there are other owners with hounds who get bad gas from turkey/turkey necks.

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That's the opposite of what we have. Hester gets a huge turkey neck every day for lunch.The more raw and bone, the less gas we get. Hester would be usuitable as a pet on a kibble diet - I know because we tried. :omg


Maybe try oxtail. That way you'll know if it is a raw thing or just a turkey thing. Also good for the teeth and Ruby will love it.

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