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Luxating Patella?

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Hi Everyone!


Questions for all of you greyhound lovers/owners. Are greyhounds susceptible to a luxating patella? I'm just curious. I took my little guy for updates on vaccines and annual exam, and he is very healthy and happy, except the vet found that he has stage one luxating patella. He is 4 this week! They gave me a name of a website for more info, and it listed Greyhounds as susceptible too. I'm thinking they meant Italian Greyhound, since this is something common in small dogs.


Does anyone here have experience with this? If so,do all the cases eventually progress? I'm thinking about starting him on Cosequin, which I didn't think to ask while I was there.


If this should be in OT, please feel free to move. Just wasn't sure



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From what I understand it is more common in small breeds (it is also common in miniature horses)...... Although it is obviously not impossible for a Grey to have it. There is thought to be a strong genetic element to it and therefore this would probably explain why it would be rare in Greyhounds as it would not be compatible with such an athletic breed.


There would seem to be a greater risk of arthritis in those individuals which are affected so there would possibly be some benefit to some kind of preventative treatment.


Have you even seen his leg "locking"?

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Thank you for answering scullysmom. No, I have never seen it locked up, and haven't seen any limping. My vet found it on physical exam. Sigh. Grade 1 apparently, is that the knee cap moves on physical manipulation, but then goes back to normal. I haven't observed any locking or limping.


Thank you for your consideration into my question. And thank you for the additional information, which I did not consider...ie: arthritis setting in, and preventative treatment. I will ask my vet about Cosequin for Stage 1.


Thank you

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Both knees or just one?


This is seen in horses...usually on just one side and more often in youngsters who are not fit.

Exercise/strength training ...hill work ... is very helpful.


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It is my understanding that knee issues are exceedingly rare in greyhounds due to their massive muscles. I would be darn sure it is not a tibial crest fracture-which is not uncommon in young hounds in particular. I went through it. My Slims leg was broke and the pathetic er 'vet ' did not even take an x-ray and said it was without question his knee. I was sent home with a referral in a couple of weeks for the knee. At this point I carried him to a 'real' vet next- I may not be a vet but I can tell when a leg is broke and the animal needs help-2nd vet(a kind specialist) diagnosed it in minutes. Because of this he healed well in good order. I shutter to think what would have happened if I would have listened to the er vet and not treated him for his broke leg promptly.

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You might also ask about physical therapy, specifically water or swim therapy, to help strengthen his muscles. And do check for a fracture - a quick xray of the leg should be all that's needed to rule it out.

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