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Cytoxan And Piroxicam


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My 11 year old girl, Faye, has been diagnosed with a form osteo - MLO (multilobular tumor) on her skull just above one eye. After removal of the lump, tests, scans, etc. we have decided against surgery as it would be a major surgery with removal of some bone and possibly her eye. We have also decided against radiation. The oncologist has recommended metronomic therapy and has prescribed citoxan and piroxicam medications. The possible side effects are nausea and UTI/urinary tract inflammation.


Has anyone used these meds on their greyhound? If so, did your greyhound tolerate them okay? Faye is not sick or uncomfortable in any way right now and I really don't want to treat her with meds that will make her sick. I'm really torn between just letting her be for the time she has left (it could be very slow moving) or treating her with these meds.


I'd love to hear the experiences of others.


Thanks so much.


Pat Hall

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Each dog reacts differently to meds, but my dog used both drugs just fine as a metronomic protocol following his amp/chemo for osteo.


Cytoxan is a low dose, oral chemo therapy drug that is typically formulated for each individual dog. We used Holley Pharmaceuticals in AZ. They were easy to deal with and very quick. Piroxicam is an nsaid which has been proven to affect/shrink osteo tumors. Many times the homeopathic herb Artemisinin is also included in this protocol.

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I'm so sorry that your precious Faye has gotten this diagnosis! After Winnie had her amp (osteo) our vet suggested piroxicam. She liked it for pain, and thought it had some cancer fighting properties. We used it and the artemisinin for 3 1/2 years, and Winnie tolerated both well, and the cancer never spread. I'd say it's worth a try.

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Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your experiences and for your advice. We did try Faye on the medications but she did not tolerate them well - constant needing to pee, nausea, etc. so we have decided not to continue with them. Faye is not showing any symptoms of the cancer aside from the presence of the lump above her eye, so we have decided to not treat her and keep her as comfortable as we can for as long as we can. Thanks for keeping her and me in your thoughts.

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