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What Is With Diana?

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Diana's gotten goofy lately. She's 10 years old and has been with us since she was 2. She was a wild child, for sure, and got into EVERYTHING with my "bad dog" Sobe. They used to raid the trash, the fridge, you name it - they did it. They worked together to get past my dog-proofing. Sobe's been gone for a few years, Diana has settled down. She's been a pretty lazy, laid-back grey for several years now. A little more active than some, but basically the easiest dog in the world now.


In the last week she's gone bonkers. I left a dozen chicken wings on the counter when we went out for a couple hours Friday night - she ate them. She hasn't gotten into food left out in YEARS. Ok, anomaly - and yes, she was physically fine after. She's getting into the trash again. I have a locking can, but haven't bothered to lock it in years. Today, she had an accident in DD's room. She NEVER messes in the house. It was the big D. I can't remember the last time she had the D - it was back when she and Sobe were raiding the house. There was an empty plate on the end-stand tonight and she knocked it to the floor licking it! She NEVER touches plates!


So - we're getting careful not to leave food out, lock the trash can, etc. I also told DH he "broke" my dog. He DOES feed her scraps from his plate when he's home alone. She's always known it's only OK with him - but now she's begging other people too! NOT COOL!


It's such an abrupt change! Nothing we can't deal with of course - just go back to what we did for years - lock the trash - don't leave food - don't feed other than in the bowl - but it's weird that a dog that has been so "easy" for years suddenly went back to "new dog" behaviors!


What is going on? All of a sudden she's trying to eat everything that isn't tied down? And - she's gotten nearly obnoxious for attention. She gets tons of pets and loves, and sleeps with us. But anytime we sit down she's butting and pushing for attention - to the point of being annoying. My friend (who Diana loves) was visiting this evening and finally said "Diana - go away!". She'd pet and loved on her and she just wouldn't wander off like she normally does.


I wonder if part of it might be the time change (it's so dark so early now) and it's gotten SO cold SO quickly this year. We're having January weather in November. Diana hates the cold - so her normal 30 minute "outs" where she wanders the yard are now 3 minute "outs".



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Is she hungry? Mine always seem to want more when it's cold. Which brings me to, is she cold? Is she maybe a little deaf? A little blind? I know that Benny is much more aggressive (or persistent. He's certainly always there!) about getting cuddles than our others, and I think in part it's because he likes to know where everyone is all of the time.

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Guest normaandburrell

I would bet on lack of exercise. Our Iceman eats everything and begs constantly for attention when he doesn't get enough exercise. Now that it's cold and she isn't getting out, she isn't getting enough exercise.

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If I understand, she's getting virtually NO exercise?


I'd get myself up early, bundle up, bundle her up, and walk her.


Even at her age, she really does need exercise, and if you wear her out (as you know, easy to do with a Greyhound) she is far lest apt to get into things.


Susan,  Hamish,  Mister Bigglesworth and Nikita Stanislav. Missing Ming, George, and Buck

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I'm thinking lack of exercise. Since the time change and the sudden drastic drop in temps, we're not doing our play in the yard stuff or any walks. So - basically zero exercise. Geesh - it's such a no-brainer! She doesn't like a lot of exercise but even our normal 15 minutes of play going away will be a big change.

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