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Chewing! Help!

Guest bozicj

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My new boy, Lincoln, who we've had about 6 months, has a vendetta against pillows and pillow cases.


For the first few months, he was fine, he was kennelled when we were at work but when left out had no issues. A couple months ago he chewed 2 throw pillows (feathers EVERYWHERE) and has made holes in about half a dozen pillowcases (on the regular sized pillow we leave on the couch). He hasn't chewed on any other objects (other than the dogs toys).

We usually leave him with a muzzle on when we're not home now but I feel bad about it.


Question: Has anyone else experienced this? I'm hoping it's just a phase and he'll grow out of it (he's only two).

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Aaah, so that pretty little boy is getting comfortable over there. Well darn, can't be perfect all his life Jeni!!


I'd say either go back to kenneling him again or put the muzzle on him. He's still a pup and he's looking for something

to fill his time when you're away. Don't feel bad about using the muzzle. Most of them pretend that they all hate it but it's not

going to kill him and it will save your house in the long run.

I'd kennel him for a while yet. If he's good with kenneling just put him in there.

After he gets a little older and more adjusted, try again. See what happens. By then he might be out of his fetish with

chewing on pillows and it will go better.


Give that beautiful fawn pup a hug from me - and one for Rosie too.


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Guest Scouts_mom

You might try spraying all your pillows with bitter apple spray. That might teach him that pillows are off limits. Of course some dogs like the taste.

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Close your bedroom door. Put your couch-pillows in the bedroom when you're gone. Don't let him in a room where there are pillows. And - get him stuffed animal toys. Lots of them. He likes to play with stuffed things. Get them at GoodWill - because you're going to go through a lot of them.


This too will pass. I personally wouldn't get to excited about it - I'd just remove the issue. And - I'd give an acceptable alternative (Cheap stuffed animals). The dog will learn to chew and destroy the stuffed animals instead of the pillows, and in time you can leave your pillows out again. My Diana was a total stuffy-killer when she was younger. I learned to not leave out anything "stuffy" I cared about - now it's not at issue.


You can train it out - or wait it out. 2 ways to go. Both work.

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