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Introducing A Whippet Puppy

Guest Jana

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Hi everyone,

We have two 3 yo male greyhounds and will be adding a four month old whippet puppy next week. We've had a whippet and greyhound together in the past but both were adults.


I'm looking for advice on the best way to introduce her to them? They're both pretty chill and get along well with each other and other dogs but I'm a little concerned just because she's so tiny.




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Have your boys been around smaller dogs and/or puppies before? What's the temperament of the puppy?


I brought a 4.5-month-old whippet puppy into a pack of 3 greyhounds, another whippet, and a whippet mix last year, and the process went very smoothly. The puppy was (and still is) very respectful of the greyhounds, and they tolerated her puppy antics much better than I thought they would.


I'd suggest muzzling the greyhounds for initial introductions, and for yard time, until you're confident they'll be ok. Make sure all direct interactions are closely supervised. Don't let the puppy pester the adults too much, but it's ok to let the adults correct the puppy as long as they don't overboard.

Jennifer &

Willow (Wilma Waggle), Wiki (Wiki Hard Ten), Carter (Let's Get It On),

Ollie (whippet), Gracie (whippet x), & Terra (whippet) + Just Saying + Just Alice


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Thanks! Kind of what I was thinking - appreciate the reassurance. :) We got our boys in June and they haven't been around any pups or small dogs - once at the vet a small dog came in and they were curious but not crazy though I'm sure that's not conclusive.


I think the puppy is actually pretty calm for a puppy and has lived with a lot of adult dogs - whippets and salukis. I'll keep a close eye, muzzle at least in the beginning and not let her get at them too much.


Thanks again.


P.S. The black grey in your signature is the spitting image of our boy CTW Edwardo.

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