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Long Bone

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hi. i'm new to the forum - glad to be here.


i was wondering if anyone had their baby diagnosed with a condition called long bone. my husband and i have recently acquired a 5 yr old male - he was limping when we got him, took him to vet - xrays - no cancer - but not much else either. limping seemed to quit and then w/n the last two weeks came back. took to vet again - re-x'd and this time she saw signs of long bone. he's on rimadyl and tramdol for about 2 weeks. the odd part is - he only limps when on a hard surface - wood, tile, etc - but when outside on grass or inside on carpet - no limping. to boot - when he goes outsides he runs full out. this just seems very strange to me.



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Long bone just describes a type of bone, namely bones in the limbs. It's not a diagnosis. It may be that your vet thought they saw something ABOUT the long bones that they were concerned about.


I agree though, you should check the paw pads for corns. Limping on hard surfaces only can be typical of corns, and typically only greyhound savvy vets know to check for them since most other breeds don't suffer from corns.

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I've never heard of 'long bone'. I'd ask him for clarification, I think.

It sounds like a corn to me, too. Here's a video of Sid at his worst with a beast of a corn in his single hind leg. Of course, he struggles more, being a tripod because that foot took twice as much of a pounding than if he were four-legged, but you can see clearly the difference between walking on tarmac and on grass.


Sid walking


Click the link to see the video. You'll see me encouraging him to run, when he can. This is because with a sore foot, they do so much better fast than slow.


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