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Please Help. New Mama

Guest Greysmama13

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Guest Greysmama13

So I adopted a retired racing greyhound quite recently. He was housetrained within 24 hours and the first night he was perfect. When we are in he doesn't want to sit with us and is happy laid in his bed on his ownin the other room but is more than happy to get attention when we go in. Every night since the first nighy has been a nightmare. We go to bed and within 20minutes he is barking, howling and crying. We've tried giving him things that smell of us in his bed. Leaving the door open so he knows where we are. Radio is on. He has a night light. We've tried taking him upstairs to see what's up there so he knows we can't get outside from up there but he won't go near (even though we know he can climb stairs). We are at our wits end and physically drained. He doesn't need the loo when he's doing it as when we take him out he doesn't do anything. Has anybody got any advice? If we don't get this sorted soon we will, regrettedly, have to take him back to the rescue centre we got him from. He also doesn't eat much. Please help!!!

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