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Recovering From A Broken Foot

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Sider got his cast off yesterday evening. Xrays show bone is healed. He had a cast that kept his foot straight (pointed) and his ankle immobilized (front foot) for 7 weeks. He is not putting any weight on it (he will to go up and down steps and shows no signs of pain). I noticed that he has very little range of motion in the ankle. Any suggested exercises to help with that?

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We've seen this with galgos that had the same issue.
The vets suggested taking leash walks, but slowly, on a much slower pace then you normally would. It forces them to get out of the gait they adapted to, to get around.
With the cast they got used to not putting it down, a much slower pace gets them used to walking normal again.

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I would also do some massage and gentle flexion/range of motion exercises in the wrist area to help restore flexiblity and mobility. His tendons are probably quite tight from being casted for so long.

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I tried the slow walking, he just hops forward. The only time he uses the foot is up/down stairs and to prop himself to pee/poo.


I have been flexing his wrist, but I don't know how often I should do it. I'll give the vet a call today for more advice. Thanks!

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