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What's Wrong With Mason?

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Fix my boy please. He will NOT leave me alone tonight; he's following me around everywhere, gets up when I get up, stood outside the bathroom when I showered, is demanding a ton of attention and is generally acting "off". I checked and can't find any marks, swelling, etc.


We did just get back from visiting my parents but he's used to that (usually he sleeps after a trip). I can't figure out what his problem is.


Do I need to be concerned?



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Guest joviemom

Maybe he is missing his girlfriend Jovie? ;)


In all seriousness, Jovie goes in and out of phases like this, she will be shadow and I will literally trip over her for a few weeks, then she goes a little more aloof, then she will be a shadow again.


As long as he is eating, pooping, etc. I wouldn't worry :)

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