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Spit Up/throw Up

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I've had my new guy for nearly 3 months now and he appears to have a spit up problem. He is crated during the day, so when i come home, he gets out and runs, jumps and is silly and then gets a drink. Very frequently, he attempts to run & jump right away usually spits up part of the water. I noticed the pattern and i stop him after he drinks.


Some mornings he doesn't want or doesn't eat the full 2 cups of kibble. This morning was one of those mornings and he barely ate a half cup (plus pumpkin) and threw up. Funny thing is, he only threw up the kibble.


I'm not really sure how to proceed at this point and he hasn't ate anything unusual that I noticed. I feed both Ernie & Walter Kirkland chicken & rice (purple bag).

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Does he drink it too quickly or eat too quickly?

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Does he gulp his food and eat very fast? If so, put a upsidedown cereal bowl inside his food bowl to help slow him down. There are commercial food bowls you can buy to do the same thing.


If he's not eating too fast, he just may not want to eat that much. All of mine have needed to have their food amounts adjusted at some point after coming home. When he throws up the food, is it an actual vomiting episode or more of a spitting up something that's backed-up sort of thing?


My dogs will also spit up water if they take a big drink (or eat) and jump around. I don't think it's so much of a medical problem as just getting excited and forgetting to swallow completely.

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Is he drinking immediately after eating? I have to withhold water from Wendy for 10-15 minutes after feeding otherwise she urps up the water.

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Guest emeraldfire2004

Another way you can slow him down ondrinking....do this sometime with my Windy; leave the muzzle on when he's drinking. If the water is too cold it causes them to spit up.

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