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Grey Sitting For First Time

Guest cocomom

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Hi all


I am greysitting for a friend for the first time. It will also be the first time Coco has a sleepover! While I am thrilled to have more greys I wanted to check in with the community on any tips that you have to make this a fun experience for both dogs. I am planning to have a pet gate so that they can each have their own space if needed. But both dogs seem to like each other so I am hoping that both will have a blast. I have asked the other human to bring some toys, blankets that smell like home, and food. I already have the vet info. What else should I be thinking about?




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Do you also have her written permission for you to take her pup to the vet should an immediate need arise? I'd recommend that (or have her call her vet and inform him/her that you'll be taking care of her pup and are authorized to seek vet care). Do you both have muzzles for your pups? Muzzles are a good idea in case you put them out in the yard together or they snark at each other in the house - better safe than sorry!

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Even though they may know each other, do another introduction outside and then let both dogs enter the house at the same time. Remember, this is another dog coming into your dog's space. Until you know how your dog reacts to that, outside intros put things on a more even footing.


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Most greyhounds get along fine. You may be overthinking this. She's not an 8 year old girl having her first slumber party. She's a dog, who was raised in a pack, having another dog over. It'll be fine. Just be relaxed, let them do their thing, and it's likely to be a complete non-event, other than you having to feed two dogs and make sure they both get outside!


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Most greyhounds get along fine.


I agree.

Only thing to be careful about is feeding time. I ask the owners to bring their raise feeder stand so I can feed the greys separately. If not feed one then the other, and don't let the other dog go near the dog that is eating.

You can ask for the grey routine to better know is potty schedule.


Is the other grey a male or a female?

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Guest normaandburrell

I agree you should be most cautious around feeding time. Put each dog in a separate room, and close them off until you are sure both have finished.

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We have houndguests from time to time and it has never been an issue. I do muzzle outside just to be safe and I feed them separate from my hounds just in case they are more protective of their food, but for the most part, it is just having another head to pet. :)

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