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Bt(Horse) Killed By Another Horse. We Miss You, Big Guy!


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I'm still in shock. My friend's horse, Flyer, broke down a gate, and cornered and killed BT. My former horse, Mack ( sold him to my friend years ago) was slightly injured. He managed to squeeze through an open gate to an empty field and hide in the trees. BT died within a minute. His skull was smashed. My friends were grilling on the back porch. They heard the crash of the gate, hoof beats, screaming, stomping, and thrashing. By the time they got to the gate it was over. BT stood up with no awareness in his eyes, walked about ten steps and went down. They said that the whole thing took less than a minute. They locked Mack in the field, and went back to move Flyer away from the body. Flyer was calmly eating grass, and accepted being led to a stall.


Flyer had been there five years, and BT was there when Flyer came. Flyer had been aggressive towards other horses in the past, and once hurt a horse when cornered. Horses are prey animals. Their MO is fight or flight when needed. This was not typical horse behavior. Flyer has always been turned out by himself, as he was this day. BT and Mack were twenty feet away, not even facing him. All three are geldings.


My friends have been horse people for over forty years, and are very aware of safety issues in horse interactions. Mack was traumatized, and had to be sedated. He has been sad and scared for days. He is now with two other horses who have been together for twenty years, so he is keeping his distance. I feel so bad for him and my friends. BT was one of their favorites. No animal should have to die like that, and no person should have to witness it. I wasn't there, but after visiting her farm yesterday, I had nightmares.


Flyer was put down, so my friend is coping with the loss of two horses. The vet had emergencies and didn't get there for several hours after BT was removed. During that time, Flyer acted normal. They left him in a small field to graze, and he never even looked at the other horses. My friend said that she wished he had been acting crazy, because she felt so guilty putting him down. The vet suggested that he could have had some neurological event, but we will never know. This was not a mean horse. I'm a timid rider, but never felt unsafe working around him or riding him.


Sorry this is so long. I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Thanks for letting me get it out!

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Im so sorry :(

For what its worth (having been around horses most of my life) your friend did the right, courageous thing by putting Flyer down. She would never know if there was another incident waiting to happen and better to put him down than chance that or sell him and wonder if he was going to go after another horse.


Many hugs.

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I am so sorry for your loss. What a horrible experience for everyone. I agree with sarabz your friend did the only safe thing. I had horses for years and never experienced anything like that. Sending hugs for your and your friend.

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:( :( My heart goes out to Flyer's and BT's people.


Godspeed, boys.

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How terribly sad




I, too, have had horses for many years and, thankfully, have never experienced anything like that.

It's most unusual.

Over the years I have had to keep certain horses separated due to some minor aggression.

My older gelding was very protective of 'his mare'. They were constant companions for several years and he ran a new pony through the rail fence a couple of years ago. Would he have killed him if I had not intervened :dunno

I kept them apart for nearly two years, but the old mare was euthanized in the spring, and the pony and the old guy get along just fine now.


I do agree that the owners have done the right thing by euthanising poor Flyer.

Perhaps he had a brain tumour.....


Please give my condolences to all involved.


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I am so sorry to see this. Flyer must have had something go tragically wrong in his brain, he wasn't himself when he did this to poor BT. Godspeed boys. I hope that Mack will recover and eventually be welcomed by the new friends he is turned out with. Just so terribly sad for everyone. I am so sorry.

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Oh, how horrible and sad. :(


I concur with the others that something was not right with Flyer. One of my friends had to euthanize her horse a few years ago. He suddenly started becoming aggressive with other horses. He was a ticking time bomb. Turns out he had a brain tumor.

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So sorry for your loss. :(


This reminds me of the documentary "Buck". There was a horse that was aggressive towards people and was eventually put down. Not sure if your familiar with it, but thought I would mention this.


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What a shocking tragedy for all involved. Sending prayers for horses and humans as they try to make sense if what happened and make peace with it all.

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When I got my Hearty, the current owner had two horses, and was selling one. She chose to sell Hearty and keep the other one.


Well I got the good deal. the other one was nuts. He'd be calm and easy to ride, easy to handle one minute. And then just like someone flipped a light switch, he'd go wacky. Stopped dead in the middle of a cross country trial and it took everyone over an hour to just get him off the course so that the trial could continue. Another time he danced on the hood of a Mercedes.

I don't know what happened to him, but he scared the bejesus out of me.

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