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Beech Nuts...


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Not sure if it's 'medical', but am I the only Greyhound owner who finds that fallen beech nuts (more particularly their split open cases) cause problems by getting stuck in a greyhound's feet? :huh2 I know they are toxic for dogs to eat because of the tannins and other nasty ingredients, but those split cases are exactly the right shape and size to get stuck in a greyhound's foot causing an instant limp to develop. It's happened 3 times with Peggy already this season and she just stops and hold the paw off the ground presumably hoping that someone will help get it out. My Borzois used to be similarly affected by beech nuts. Must be a design-fault in sighthounds.

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I've not yet had that happen with beech nuts, but Johnny did get a perfectly proportioned pebble stuck between his toes and pad a few weeks back....silly boy didn't even notice and made a wonderful "clunk" noise each time that foot hit the ground :lol


Btw I did remove it after I had finished laughing at him :)

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