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Urinary Issues: Excessive Thirst/incontinence

Guest RSK

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Hi there,

This is my first post here.

I am a new greyhound owner...since June.

Our beautiful boy is having some urinary issues (since about 3 weeks after we got him).

He has days of excessive thirst and then cannot hold his bladder and will pee in his crate even if in there for a short time.

It seems to fluctuate...he will be good for 4 days (drinking normal amounts, peeing shorter amounts and more yellow, and able to hold)

and then he will have a couple bad days.

His blood work is normal and unrine test normal....except that his urine was not very concentrated at one of his urine test times...he had drank a lot that afternoon before the test. When he had it tested in the morning it was normal.

Was wondering if anyone has encountered the same issues and/or has any ideas to help us get to the bottom of this.

Otherwise, he seems completely fine, energetic, no other problems. He is 2 years old.


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no uti? blood sugar ok? test for diabetes incipidus, can be stress related or an adrenal gland that send the message to the kidneys is off. vasopressin tannate worked for my male who had the same problem. (2 dosages and he was back to normal). we monitored his water intake, very difficult to really catch all the urine/out put since running and panting affects the #s and the habit of letting them out to pee in the middle of the night just didn't register. it took us a while to figure it out. the handbook- the care of the racing and retired greyhound has all the stats/# for DI. http://www.amazon.com/Racing-Retired-Greyhound-Linda-Blythe/dp/0964145634.(omg has the price gone up, you might find it cheaper somewhere else, but it's an excellent book to have and share w/ your vet).


http://ngagreyhounds.com/page/supplies found it for less....

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Urinary tract infections are very common for new hounds off the track. Sometimes they're hard to diagnose so like tbhounds suggested, I would bring in a first morning urine sample to the vet & have them culture it. Has he been wormed since you got him? Intestinal worms are also very common & if his belly doesn't feel good, he may be drinking a lot & then have to pee a lot. So maybe bring in a stool sample with the pee. :colgate And :welcome2


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