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Ibd Or Something Else


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Asking for a friend whose dog has intermittent diarrhea, sometimes a noisy tummy ( especially in the morning) sometimes gas and has lost some weight. Dog is very active, does not act sick, eats well and overall looks good with very shiny coat and no other medical issues. Does this sound like IBD or just a sensitive stomach. Thanks for any input. Stool sample clear.

Linda, Jack and Keeva

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Could be anything since it's intermittent. First thing I would look at is any treats he's getting and if this occurs after treats. I would also de-worm if they haven't done so. A clear stool sample just means you didn't see worms that time. Cover the basics before going down the IBD road.


If it still occurs after de-worming, then I might try a different food to see if the issue continues. Early morning stomach growling often means the tummy is empty. The dog may need a little more food, a different food, or a bedtime snack to get through until breakfast. Again, these are basic things to try before getting into expensive tests and expensive foods for IBD.


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Intermittent diarreah isn't a huge concern....I would be more worried about the weight loss. With ibd and colitis, there is often blood in the diarreah, and the hounds just doesn't feel great or want to eat with a flair up.


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I second exploring other options first. A snack before bedtime probably being the easiest thing to try, along with a dose of omeprazole or famotidine (acid reducers) daily. Also a round of de-wormer, since a stool sample can miss the little buggers. Our vet said the protocol for declaring "worm free" is three samples, well-spaced, free of signs.


Next, try an elimination diet to see if the dog *is* sensitive to anything. Most frequently, it's going to be chicken and/or corn. Our vet told us to try a unique protein with no grain so we switched Lilly to Blue Basics Salmon and Potato formula, which is advertised as being easy to digest and for sensitive stomachs. Voila. No more diarrhea, no more morning tummy squeaks. (You need to check all treats for prohibited ingredients, as well.


The only way to actually positively diagnose IBD is through a biopsy of the intestinal wall - expensive and invasive.

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