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Peeing In House - Odd New Behaviour

Guest Jana

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New to the forum and joined just to ask this question – we’re stumped!


Our boy Wally, three years old, has started peeing in the house 20-30 mins after having been outside where he pooped. It’s happened twice in the past 4-5 days – he’s woken me up in the middle of the night, we go out, he poops, comes in and pees on something soft about 20 mins later. Last night he peed in his crate after he came in! We can’t figure it out.


He hasn't been feeling well and has had diarrhea (hence waking me up in the middle of the night) but I wouldn't expect that to be related. Maybe I’m wrong?


Some background: We got our boys, Wally and his “brother” Edwardo, on June 6th and they’d been perfect about not going inside and sleeping through the night for about six weeks. They’ve never been in foster homes. They went straight from the Birmingham, AL racetrack to the adoption center there. We went out of town for a couple of nights and, long story short, our recommended pet sitter wasn’t as attentive as she should have been and Wally ended up peeing on our bed. Since then he’s randomly peed on soft things – a comforter, spare bed – but the circumstances were almost “explainable”. It was raining, he hates to go out in the rain, hates wet grass even more, etc. But this time he’s gone so far as to wake me up only to come back in and pee!


Our (new) pet sitter lets them out for mid-day potty breaks and she let me know that he really wasn't himself today. If he’s still not better tonight we’ll be going to the vet tomorrow but I’m not sure she can help with this and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?


Thank you! If I can figure out how to attach pictures, I’ll include one of poor Wally in happier times. J





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Thanks. I hadn't thought of a UTI since he holds it for hours - yesterday I'm pretty sure he didn't pee between noon and 1am unless I missed it. I'll ask the vet to check that out just to be safe!

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Hopefully this has already been resolved, but I've noticed that sometimes if my dogs need to poop, they also need to pee too. I had one dog who was 100% housetrained and could hold it for 18 hours (not on purpose, but when I got stuck at work with an emergency). But when he had diarrhea and couldn't help pooping in the house when he was home alone, he would sometimes also pee too. In your dog's case, I would have just kept him outside longer when you took him out in the middle of the night and made sure he peed too before coming back in.

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