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Dino Swollen Fron Paw


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So we are at out in laws in Buffalo NY and Dino wakes up early to go for a walk.


So I take him out at 5:30am and we get a few houses down and he steps into one of the fron beads cover in ground cover.


I don't. Know if he stepped on something or if a car going by spooked. Him but he came up limping.


I checked the fron paw for debrie didn't find much normally he walks it off, but he doesn't. And now it looks swollen and he won't let us ice it for mor then a few sec.


Waiting for a vet that my DW anut uses to open.





Dino and Stella

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Similar thing happened to my dog about a month after we got him. He was just walking around in the yard and when he came in I noticed he was limping. He becomes aggressive when hes hurt so trying to ice it or touch it at all was out of the question. After getting some anti-inflammatory and pain meds from the vet he was back to normal in about a week. I think he just rolled his ankle or twisted it somewhere out in the yard.



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So glad to hear he's doing better. :D

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