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Food Sensitivity Question - Medical

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So about 6 weeks ago, at the same time we were diagnosing a bump on Lilly's head, she was also diagnosed with severe intestinal inflammation, most likely some form of IBD.


She ocassionally got the horrible tummy gurgles, with the mucousy diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting that accompanied it. She had a nasty bout last Jan/Feb, then was fine until June when it got really bad. And instead of the symptoms getting better and resolving, her symptoms persisted, along with very runny diarrhea for several weeks. Metronidazole did not help resolve the issues either.


A thoracic xray we took (about 6 weeks ago) to rule our a foreign body showed the loops in her intestines clearly, and they were *very* inflammed and thick (no foreign body or any other masses, her organs looked good too).


So we went through the whole fiasco of her having a bad reaction to penicillin following a minor surgery to remove the lump on her head. A dose of nsaid and then a steroid shot to control the allergic reaction caused severe intestinal bleeding, and I really thought we were going to lose her. Fortunately, she recovered after a tense weekend of hovering and worrying, and the lump turned out to be non-cancerous.


Since then, we've been working to get her eating back on track, and switching her to a limited ingredient diet. Our first step was to find a kibble/canned food she would eat. That turned out to be Blue Basics salmon and potato. I have mostly eliminated chicken from her diet, as that seemed like it might be the problem. No more boiled chicken breast, no chicken treats, no chicken in her food at all. She is still getting milkbones and a couple other things that have chicken as an ingredient down the list. She's been eating very well for about a week, and her poops are getting gradually better. She is not currently on any medication for anything.



So tonight I had cooked some chicken for us. She came out to the kitchen and started mooching, like a dog, and I ended up giving her a good size bite. She ate it, but didn't want any more. About 20 minutes later, she ended up barfing it back up.


If she *is* sensitive or has an intolerance to chicken, could it have caused her to vomit that quickly (or at all)?? Or is it likely just a coincidence? She didn't want to eat any dinner or her chew bone later. I haven't eliminated all chicken from her diet, after all, but she has not had any actual chicken meat for a couple weeks. She has been resistant to eating her dinner for a couple nights now, but *has* ended up eating all her food eventually.


I gave her a famotidine, and I'll see if she wants to eat a bit before bed. I just haven't ever dealt with a dog like Lilly before, so I have lots of questions! Thanks in advance!

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It could make her vomit that fast. It could also be coincidence, but it sounds like you are on the right track with her :) .

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I can't speak to a chicken intolerance, but Brandi's inappropriate urination has been linked to diet. We've found that Zeel tablets have worked very well to reduce the inflammation of her entire system along with a raw diet (of chicken because none do well on lamb and Paige is intolerant to red meat). So I mention this only as something to consider which might help.


I've also found that being ruthless about Boo's diet has been critical to her management. So I'd be trying to eliminate chicken completely if possible.

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Poor Lilly and you. Have you discussed giving her Tylan powder to address her initial symptoms? Just a thought.

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chicken fat which many of the dog foods does not seem to have the same affect on chicken sensitive pups. my male eats a chicken based dog food and always starts nit-picking and chewing on his skin after a couple of days of the chicken based food. children who have a sensitivity to foods can also vomit after the ingestion of an allergen. i've had students like that before. some get rashes, some vomit, some have full blown anaphylactic shocks.

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I can't speak to a chicken intolerance, but Brandi's inappropriate urination has been linked to diet.



This was the same with Nadir. If he ate even the smallest amount of something he was intolerant to the effects would show that same day with urination issues. What was even worse is that he gained intolerances to other foods over time.


I know I mention this a lot, but Manuka honey really does help with IBD issues. It wasn't confirmed until after his necropsy that Nadir actually had a form of IBD, although I had suspected it all along. I would give him Manuka honey whenever he had a flare up and this seemed to be a big help in easing the symptoms and giving him his appetite back.

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I'm so sorry that Lily has been having such difficulty. I agree that she could have reacted that quickly. I assume the chicken was plain without any spices that could have upset her system too.


One of our dogs (non-Grey) was diagnosed with severe IBD by age 2, and lived to 13. She was unable to eat any food other than one single protein kibble during any block of years duration. IIRC, her tolerance to venison lasted 1/2 to 3/4 of her life. Otherwise, a couple of blocks of success with duck or rabbit. Vet's orders were to limit her "treats" to the exact same kibble as her meals, so we excitedly shook her special treat container as if they were the best treats ever! Same kibble treats were offered during all her years during dog training. (Sounds boring for her, but she nearly died before she was finally diagnosed at age 2.)

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