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Maryl Aka The "sa Kid"

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This is about a year ago when I started to trust her after we had had her for a year. She now goes back in a locked crate when we are gone.


We love her but she can be quite the little stinker!! This was after I walked in the door and saw just a little bit of stuffing on the living room floor and I immediately knew what was waiting for me in the bedroom!





Then she tore apart her deluxe crate cushion and now she just has old blankets in her crate.




She is fine when we are at home, so I guess it is all separation anxiety. Someday I dream of a dog I can leave outside the crate with her older sister when we are gone.


thanks for looking




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But... at least she's adorable! :)


I feel your pain. The act of chewing helps dogs relieve anxiety.


Have you ever tried muzzling with Greyhound turnout muzzles in lieu of crating? That could allow her more space to move around during the day. A baby-gate makes it easier to dog-proof a room.

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