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Basement Obsession

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A few months ago I had a pipe burst in my basement. We lived at my moms for 2 months while it was getting cleaned up, so The dogs didn't see the workmen going down there. I've had a few contractors out to get estimates and a couple other workmen. When I'm down there with the workmen Bu goes a little nuts. He whines and runs around a bunch. He's excited and happy, not upset. He's worse when I'm down there, but still hyper aware when someone is down there without me. He really wants to join us down there. Before this, it was probably 2-3 years since he was down there, so it's not like it's his usual hang out. I'm planning on having the dogs stay at my mom while the contractors are redoing the basement, but he'll probably be around while some stuff is happening down there and I'd like him to deal with it and ignore what's going on. He generally has no SA, he'll take naps and hang out on different floors or in different rooms than I do with no problem. How can I get him to adjust to this?

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Have you tried giving in and letting him down there when the workmen are there? In my experience, the dog will lose interest once it's not new and exciting. We used to keep the guest room off limits to Jake, and whenever we would open the door he would shoot in there and start getting into things. Now that we know my dad isn't allergic to him we keep it open and he doesn't usually go in there.


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Yup. It seems to make him more interested in coming down. I can't leave the gate open because there's stuff he and the cats can get into unsupervised. Plus, the stairs are wooden at the moment and he doesn't like them, but will do them if encouraged. He also gets in the way of the work men down there, who is really like to actually get work done!!

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