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Going Crazy Over Guests

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Payton and Lips go crazy when someone comes to the front door. They think everyone is here to visit them. Does anyone have a suggestion to keep the guests for being mowed over by two really excited hounds? I put them in their crate but they still go nuts when they get out.


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We have people wait and put Rocket's leash on before they enter. It;s easier to control him if it's someone who really excites him. There are a few people that he just goes nuts over. It it's a service person here to fix something, the leash lets him know that he's not allowed to help them with the repair and has to stay with me. Once anyone is here for a few minutes, they become "old news" and he could care less, but like you, that initial minute at the door can be a fiasco.


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Guest Funkypaws

I'd find a patient friend to help over a few sessions with the dogs on the lead to practice reinforcing polite friendly behaviour & leaving or ignoring the rude boisterous out of control behaviour you want to stop. You'd probably need a few sessions over a period of time to work on this and get your friend to give treats & friendly attention but only when they are sitting. If they get excited at the sound of the doorbell, you could practice this with just family first. If the dogs are just being overly exuberant and it's not a frightened reaction to strangers, it should be (relatively ) easy to positively reinforce the behaviour you want, but you may have to explain to guests so that they don't accidentally reinforce the behaviour you don't want!


Good luck!

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Guest Houston1219

We have a gate in the middle of the first floor. Whichever door they come in, he is on the other side of the gate. When he has calmed down and the guest is settled, we open the gate. If we open it and he forgets his manners, we divide them again. He caught on to the routine pretty quick and now waits laying down at the gate. This also helps with preventing any potential dashes out the door.

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If you have a fenced yard, put them out for a few minutes when people come over. I've found it helps get most of the crazy out outside and they usually come in calmer.

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