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Depression Or Something Else?

Guest Hollys2hounds

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Guest Hollys2hounds

Hi Friends, it has been awhile, but I was hoping someone could help.

Not sure if this should be in health/ or behavior...


In May, my boy passed away, leaving my girl as an "only" grey. (I had Lexy and Gunner for 8 years) I knew she would not do well, so we got a new boy to keep her company. Within a few weeks, my girl, Lexy was diagnosed with Osteo.

Lexy went to the bridge on July 31st. Leaving my new boy all by himself.


My new boy is four years old. I am working on getting a friend for Clipper, but it might take a few weeks.


In the meantime, just after Lexy died, Clipper had a very bad bout of diaherria. He was on Metronidozole, and it seems to have cleared up. We did blood work, and poopy testing, and all seems fine.

What I don't like is his mood. When he first came he was happy go lucky and bouncy.

I don't know if this is depression, or something else, and I could use some advice.


He only gets excited when we go for a walk, or go in the car. He barely plays. His stamina seems to be way off, as is his appetite. A short walk in the park, and he comes home and sleeps. When he lays down, he grunts like he just ran a marathon.


He is no longer on any meds.


We are actively pursuing getting Clipper a friend, but it may take a few weeks.


Does anyone have any advice?





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He's missing his friend and grieving. It's normal for dog's to lose their appetite

and just seem lethargic or not interested in too much after the loss of a friend.

My guess is that he will be just fine after his new friend comes home to live.

In the meantime, take him for more car rides and more walks if that's what perks him up.


So sorry for you losing two sweet ones so close together.

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Sounds like depression/grieving. I'm lucky enough to have a neighbor with two greys. A few times a week I walk over and bring them here for a few hours. All are very excited for a short while and wander around outside. The rest of the time they all sleep. But they all definitely benefit emotionally from the visits.

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Hi Holly,


When Paul died, Fuzzy would eat his meals and then go back to his bed. We would go for a walk and then he would go back to his bed. He was very happy to go on our Sunday greyhound walks. He might be grieving. Since he was just sick with diarrhea, that could also be why he is feeling weak. No real answer here, just wishing you guys well. I hope I see you in October.

Irene Ullmann w/Flying Odin in Lower Delaware
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Dear Holly,

I am dealing with the same issue at my house. Jackie died 12 days ago, and Lola is doing better than she was at first, but she's still not eating well. My advice would be the same things i'm trying....do a lot of whatever Clipper enjoys doing, and visit with other dogs/greyhounds if possible. For Lola, I might try fostering and seeing if she perks up. Wishing you well, and sorry for your loss.



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:grouphug for your sad losses of Gunner and Lexie.


It does sound like Clipper might be lonely. However, it might be a good idea to video him, if you can, doing some of his worrying behaviors, such as grunting when he lies down. That way if you end up taking him to the vets, you can show them how he's been acting.


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, Nutmeg, and Jeter

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I remember Lexy and Gunner, and I'm so sorry for your losses. :grouphug I put my two cents' worth about Clipper in your new thread.

Mary with Jumper Jack (2/17/11) and angels Shane (PA's Busta Rime, 12/10/02 - 10/14/16) and Spencer (Dutch Laser, 11/25/00 - 3/29/13).

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