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Tremor -- Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

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Nutmeg, age 13, has been showing a fine (small movement) tremor for several days. You can't see the movement, but when you put your hand on any part of her, you could feel the fine trembling, when she is standing, walking, and lying down. 24/7. Temperature doesn't seem to affect it. I can't tell any change in behavior -- eating has actually increased, and she moseys out in the yard on her own and with me, as usual. Last night and this morning the tremor seems a little better.


Nutmeg has lumbrosacral stenosis (LS) and arthritis. She gets 100 mg gabapentin 2x/day and 100 mg tramadol 2x/day. I can't find any mention online of LS with tremor, or tremor as a side effect of either med. In fact, gabapentin is a med given to control essential (benign) tremor.


Any experiences here with it, or ideas, before I take her to the vet?


Untypically awkward bed fail, but cute pj's

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Ellen, I have no advice, just have hugs to send to Nutmeg and you.

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