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Incontinence Caused By Meds?

Guest KTPrime

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Guest KTPrime

I'm a little worried about a recent behavioral change in Optimus. So he developed a rash on his crotch and (unrelated) a bump in between his toes after ripping one of his nails. I went to the vet and she gave him anti-inflammatories and antibiotics--she's not sure what's causing the rash (he's had it once before), but recommended a conservative route since it doesn't seem to be affecting him anywhere else and wasn't bothering him at all.

Ever since he's been on it, he's had a problem holding it, resulting in him having accidents in the house. One night, he just started peeing in the living room directly in front of us (very unusual behavior for him, usually he's totally housebroken). Then this morning, I took him for his morning walk, he peed for an inordinately long amount of time, then statued and didn't want to walk anymore (not totally unusual, some mornings he just pees and then doesn't want to walk anymore). That was around 8, I leave the house at 9. At 9:30, I get a call from my boyfriend saying Optimus had peed in the house! It seems so odd less than an hour after I walked him (or tried to), and he has already peed so much.

I guess mostly I'm concerned that he's not coming to us and letting us know he has to go out. He's always been very good about being vocal when he needs to go out. It's just so unusual for him to say nothing and then sneak off and go to the bathroom (or just pee in front of us). The other night he actually snuck off and pooped in the living room! I called the vet this morning and she said the steroids in the anti-inflammatories would make him drink a lot and have to pee more, but I don't understand why that would make him poop on the floor or just stop telling us he needs to go out. Since I gave him the last dose of the anti-inflammatories last night, the vet told me to monitor him and see what happens. But I'm worried.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing happening? It concerns me to see him acting so out of character.

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Steroids would do that, yes (drinking and peeing more). Pooping on the floor could be due to a little digestive upset from the antibiotics.

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