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Doggie Flu...who Knew?

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Molly and Mason have both been coughing (not deep hacking kennel coughs) for a few weeks. Molly's been fine otherwise but Mason's been a little off his feed and just "off". I've been debating taking him in. I just found out it was time for his shots so I mentioned it to the vet.


She took his temp and low and behold...low grade fever (102.7).


Molly was in for nail trim so she checked Molly too..no temp. Proof that germs aren't brave enough to attack her. :hehe Plus, Molly hasn't been off her feed, lethargic, etc. In fact, she's had more energy. :)


So, the vet decided Mason has the doggie version of the flu. Who knew dogs could get that??????


Anyway, he's on antibiotics since he's clearly fighting something. No meet and greets and no canine guests (I was going to take a Grey for a few days while he was on vacation) for 2 weeks so they don't pass it on or get worse.


I know you don't normally treat a "flu" with antibiotics and she said normally a cough would work itself out in a few weeks but given the low grade temp and the fact that it had been 2 weeks it clearly wasn't working itself out on its own so...


I'm so glad I said something and wasn't just being an "Anal Annie" dog mom. She did comment that everytime I take them in it's something. It made me feel better.

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We've had several outbreaks of canine influenza in our area. Because Sammy has extended contact with many dogs, I went ahead and got him vaccinated. I hope Molly and Mason feel better soon.

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I didn't know there really was such a thing. Hope Mason feels better ASAP.


she checked Molly too..no temp. Proof that germs aren't brave enough to attack her



Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

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