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I Really Need Your Help!

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I've got a senior hound who recently started on pheno. Lucky us, we got the dog that has the hungries as a side effect. We've been feeding him a late snack but with the added food has come the added pounds. He's not gained too much so far but if we continue it will get there. We have thought about adding in some raw meat which he loves but aren't sure how much meat should replace how much kibble. Right now he's eating 2.5 cups of kibble (he used to be getting 2) and green beans a day. If we increase the beans his poo gets soft. I read that adding protein would help him feel fuller.

Thanks for the help!

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Baby Carrots


Green Beans

Apples (no seeds)

Watermelon (no seeds)



Sweet potatoe slices


These are a few that come to mind. Given in small amounts between meals as snacks should help with the hunger pangs. I gave them to my seizure boy Saint years ago when he was on pheno. Just a couple of pieces here and there helped him quite a bit.

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When I switched my dogs from kibble to raw (now cooked), I cut their food nearly in half based upon dry measures (e.g., 4c of food/day became 2c). When I changed jobs & moved from an in-home office to an office building, I began giving KONGs to keep my girlie occupied, and she started gaining weight. I cut her food back by 20% to compensate for the extra snacks, and reserved a small portion for an evening snack (because my boy prefers night eating, and will get growly tummies if he's hungry overnight).


I would suggest cutting back on the meals a bit, using veggies (food process them or use baby food if she's not interested in real veggies) to fill in the quantity of food in the bowl. You could also use some low fat meats (chicken or boiled beef would both work well), and add some rice to bulk up the food if you like. My personal nutritionist told me that I would stay fuller, longer, by combining a protein & carbohydrate at each meal ... I'm assuming the same holds true for animals.


Good luck!

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Ugh-I'm sorry. I had a girl that was on pred and pheno at the same time--If I was 5 minutes late feeding her she would chew my ankle off. I fed her smaller frequent meals and added lots of veggies-green peas, green beans.... Not going to say it stopped her insane appetite but, it helped.

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